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Evaluating the Variance in Your Game | Tournament Poker Edge ... Feb 28, 2017 ... A variance calculator (like the one at – I'm not affiliated with ... stack by bluffing – your non-showdown winnings (the red line on HM2 or PT4 graphs) ... The bottom line – always be improving your edge. Red Line vs. Green Line: Reporting on Reserved ... - Cloudability Blog Sep 24, 2015 ... There are two levers you can pull when you're trying to save with Reserved Instances: increasing your RI coverage, and reducing your RI ... Statistical Analysis of the Variance of Luck in Poker - Worcester ... with the better hand is more likely to win money, however poker doesn't happen in ...... red line. The red line portion is also known as your fold equity in the hand. Seminal Deuces Cracked Series - PokerVIP

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Instead of just red line work on actual poker concepts. All of the things I mentioned above will raise your red line but hurt your green line. You don't really want to increase your red line, you just think that the way to increase your green line is to increase your red line, and that logic just doesn't make much sense. How to Improve Your Non-Showdown Winnings | Poker Strategy For live players, or players just starting out, "redline" winnings are your non-showdown winnings - hands you win without going all the way to a showdown. Non-showdown winnings can be seen in HEM or PT by going to your graph page and hitting "display showdown winnings." A red line will appear on your graph - that's your non-showdown winnings.

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Poker Red Line Guide | Improve Non-Showdown Winnings 5 ways to improve your red line. 1) Stealing the blinds. Every time you successfully steal the blinds you add something to your red line. Additionally, every time the blinds call but check/fold to your continuation bet you increase your red line, which is great. Red Line Winnings - How to Improve Your Red Line in Poker Of course, the two are interlinked. If your opponent checks to you on the river and you make a very thin value bet and he folds, then your winnings get added to your red line. A player who wouldn’t make the same value bet because they thought it was too thin and checks behind has the pot added on to their blue line. Improving your Red Line in Poker - Part 1 - PokerVIP

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A complete guide to the red line (non-showdown winnings) in poker. Find out what the red line is and how you can improve it with these 5 tips.A lot of people have negative red lines, and worry about this thinking that it is a problem. It can be a problem if your red line slopes down far too quickly... The 3 Best Poker Strategies to Increase your Red Line - … Here are three of my best strategies to increase your red line at poker, or in other words improve your non-showdown winnings.Obviously our goal is to maximize the green line (net won). If you currently have a nice steadily rising green line over 100k’s of hands, then you really shouldn’t worry... Red Line Winnings - How to Improve Your Red Line in … The famous red line is a poker term attributing to the amount of money won before showdown.The ability to split your winnings into showdown and non-showdown was a new concept when Holdem Manager first came out, and it took the poker community quite a while to get a feel for this importance... Improving your Red Line in Poker - Part 2 - PokerVIP